Here is what we charge...

These will help you to determine how damaged your picture is.


Minor works - restored
Restoring simple fading, contrast problems, light dust and scratches. Sharpening and cropping   5.00

Medium works - restored
Restoring moderate mould or stain damage, bends, creases and uneven tone/colour. Sharpening and cropping.   8.00

Major works - restored
Restoring serious tears, rips and scratches through important areas and/or very faded or extreme contrast problems. Sharpening and cropping. 10.00

Restoration & Colouring B/W photographs

If you want to add a new dimension to your photo why not add some colour. Please give as much information as you can i.e. colour of clothes, eyes, hair etc. This cost is an two people photograph.

More People please email for quote.

From 15.00


We always give good discount for bulk purchases


Small Format Prints
6" x 4" - 50p each
7" x 5" - 1.25 each
8" x 6" - 1.50 each
10" x 7" - 2.25 each