Here's what we can do for you.

We can repair stained, creased, faded, ripped or torn damaged photographs and make them look new again.

We can also colourise your photographs or just re colour

We don't use Photoshop we colour by hand using or own software

Cost is quoted on each photograph some may take quicker some I will have to spend time on.

Take a look at our sample page

Scanning your pictures
  Saving & Sending your pictures
Please scan the whole picture, including past the edges
Scan in your images at 600dpi
If this is not possible, scan no lower than 300dpi
If your scanner allows it, scan in 16 bit mode.
  Save as a jpeg on the highest setting possible.

Send by mail.

Send it by email to sales@cherishedcollection.com for quotations

I have just finished Repairing over 300 old photographs for a this book

Click here for more details about this book